Monday, June 20, 2011


I had every good intention to go I really did.  But I admit it, the New Mexico trip the weekend before just did me in.  I mean afterall I was there to celebrate my 54th birthday. 

I was pooped out!

In order to make the reunion which date btw I did not choose I would have to leave my home at 5 and arrive in Dallas past 10 and leave Dallas before noon to arrive back home in time for bff's wedding at 7.  This would have meant 10+ hours of driving to visit 2 hours with people I have not seen since I was 6.

I had to make two decisions.
1.  Could I do this much driving at my age?
2. Could I do this much driving at my age?

Oh wait....I'm repeating myself.

Two things became clear to me about Wednesday
1.  I can't face this much driving at my age
2.  I am the boss of me and since I am 54 I don't have to do things I really don't want to do

So I admit it...I took the easy road. 

And through the grapevine I have heard that my mother is shocked and in disbelief that I would not choose my family reunion.

She was just mad because she didn't have a clue all the old relatives were showing up.  She thought we were recreating sibling day. 

I guess when you're 77 you don't think you have to read the entire memo.  And you don't, unless you want to know who's coming to dinner.

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