Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Response Email to DHPO reporter:

you will find this funny...I am babysitting Betty. Went to the store and ran into her mother which made her cry. Her mother said she'd bring us lunch even though she was supposed to go to Lions so I didn't buy anything for us to eat and my cupboards are still pretty bare, fire fire fire at the feedlot...ran into Betty's mom at the corner and she told us that she changed her mind about Lions Club...so hungry us loaded up to go be the paparazzi...got honked at by a semi to move out of the way while taking photos...54 year old me gave him wait just a minute sign and he honked at me again...took my photos and got a call on the way back from 3rd peep to gripe me out for something, headed home and I was so relieved to find cold pizza in the fridge...heated it up, called the sheriff office to get a quote...and posted my story....my life is so weird

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