Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Trilogy Wine Cellar (Right Hand Hinged Door) Convenience x 3. Three separate storage compartments in one handsome furniture cabinet allow you to organize your wine three different ways: 1. By Type: Reds and Whites 2. By Varietal: Cabs ...

Ordered February 3 before we maxed out our expense plan for 822
Backordered 3 times
Shipped to America May 31
Shipped to Spearman June 3 no June 11 no June 16

Included in price...white glove delivery which simply put means they uncrate for your inspection (thank God) and then put right where you want it to go, which in our case is a specially cut hole in our wall that has been creating questions for months...like...is this your coat closet?

Instead of filling this little gem with wine...we are taking photos of the damage

and making arrangements over the phone to ship it back

If there is one thing I have learned during this reno...is that caca happens and I better just get my happy pants on and keep them on because well....I would rather have a trilogy wine cabinet than a coat closet.

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