Monday, June 6, 2011


Today in my tiny little world of renovation, on the Monday of the week I thought (hoped) would be the last week for a while...

first phone call of the morning informs me that
 no one will be here today because...

1.  The trim around the windows has not yet been cut/picked up
2. The flex pipe for the stove vent is too small
3.  The opening for the garbage disposal is too small and no one seems to have a saw that will cut this hole larger. ????
3. The plumber's helper has a real job and a family and he has a bad back
4.  They forgot about sheetrocking the closet in the middle bedroom


Funny how this morning my very first thought/prayer was to


It's just will all happen soon of these days I will walk in this old rock house, my golf shoes clicking on floors that I don't care if I scratch and pour my leftover wine in my white granite sink without a single thought of staining it.

And from my reno companion I receive this wonderful link to a place we will visit on our trip to Sante Fe this weekend to purchase, we hope, a Day of the Dead mixer.

And perhaps this poster which I most definitely have earned!

And I am humbly reminded by myself, that indeed I am one lucky lady who can at least wash dishes in the bathroom sink.

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