Friday, July 8, 2011


Your phone call was just precious.

It made me cry.

I have known it was coming all her life...I just didn't know it would be from you until a few months back.

When she was born, I knew today would come. 

When she was six, I knew you were probably already around this earth somewhere.  That's when I started praying for you.  For you to be a happy healthy loving strong honest boy growing up to be her man and the father of our grandchildren.

When she was fourteen, it was you.  But you had your ups and downs and then it wasn't you anymore.

But you stayed friends and stayed in contact.  You both went off to college and each had a very good life.

And then...something just clicked and it was you again. asked for our blessing and I told you that from this point on you will be like our son.  And I mean that.

And it makes me smile to think when I thought of you when she was six and we didn't know you yet, that you really were growing up to be a fine person worthy of her...just fourteen miles away...destined to be Coach Been and the Mister to Mr. and Mrs. Cody Mac Been.

Welcome to the family Coach Been!

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