Saturday, July 30, 2011


These are 3 of 6 canvases that I purchased.  I had 3 of them stretched to see what they would look like and hung them in a guest room on a grass cloth wall. 

They looked fabulous.

They are original and were found in a pool house.  Ah ha....exactly where they need to be hung...
my pool house!

This one might need to be hung behind a door somewhere as this is the largest penis I have ever seen and didn't notice until peep pointed it out to me.

I am waiting on an email to give me some information about this artist.

When peep purchased our house I offered to leave them there and she said...

"no thanks mom...they scare me."

I understand.

Haitian art is a complex tradition, reflecting African, French, Catholic, and tribal and Vodou roots. It as an important representation of Haitian culture and history.

Many artists cluster in ‘schools’ of painting, such as the Cap Haitien school, which features depictions of daily life in the city, the Jacmel School, which reflects the steep mountains and bays of that coastal town, or the Saint-Soleil School, which is characterized by abstracted human forms and is heavily influenced by Vodou symbolism.

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