Monday, July 18, 2011


Meet the one person who in her presence or absence occupies a great deal of my thoughts a great deal of the time.

This is my very own Elizabeth Beatrice Benton, shown here with my very own Mattie Beatrice.

(please notice shoes with gown)

I pretty much adore how they pretty much match in this photo.

She was truly one of the kindest most purely good persons I have ever had the privilege to know.

Since I walk almost every day and since almost every day I sit and think a little...she just happens to be the thing that pops into my head at those times.  Not so much her face, but her words and more importantly the actions that matched her words.
Here is an example:

Pretty is as pretty does
If you bend over and touch your toes every day you will always be able to
You can tell the character of a man by the way he treats his mother
God Bless It (this usually went along with a kiss on a hurt)
They've been telling me since I was a little girl the world was going to end..don't be scared
Don't let the rock salt get in the ice cream
Say your prayers
Heaven has streets of gold

But the most important thing about her was her humble precious heart.  She was the first one at my side when I had my children patting my arm being so careful not to touch the needles.  She was the first one that worked so hard to create gifts with her own talented hands for her loved ones.  She was the first to do the thing that would make her a servant.

She played the piano at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church and never said one word when I pretended to be her while playing her piano.  (Like that was easy to listen to)

Now that I have my own little soul to affect, I realize how very important I am to the life of her if I want to be (and boy do I ever.)  
The lessons we carry on mean more than we know and the way we touch others might really surprise you. kind...and be nice every day.

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