Wednesday, July 20, 2011


822 came with 14+ cats.  Wild cats.  Have I mentioned before that we don't love cats?  We managed to trap quite a few and move them to country barns to flourish in mouse heaven.  I guess the others ran off.

But....this one?  Well...we don't know if it's male or female.  We don't know much about it at all because it runs away...but we do know one thing.  He/she is here to stay.  And he/she is H.U.N.G.R.Y.

I like to feed the birds and the squirrels and most mornings White Cat is sleeping like this just under the bird feeder praying to get lucky.  And from the looks of the feathers here and there, it's obvious that a dove or two have kept him hanging on.

I told hubby...I cannot just sit here and watch this White Cat slowly starve to death.  I am going to feed it.  It's an angel cat, a mystery cat, and maybe not a cat at all.

Did I mention that hubby has a small sign nailed up in his workshop that says "NO CATS"?  He strongly disagrees with cats being part of this property.  He does not love cats.

The other day...after I showed him the cat food I bought...not the best but not the worst, I overheard him tell someone in reference to White Cat....we bought our cat some cat food.

And someone with a Cool Pix (not me) took this photo.

I think he's in there.

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