Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Yesterday I opened my HPO Capitol 1 statement.

All I can say is "forgive me" when I cursed the times I only had a $500 credit limit that I have tried to increase more than once.

I rarely use this card, in fact only to pay for my HPO on a quarterly basis--which is just a bit over my credit limit causing me to have to use my personal Visa and then reimburse myself (bookeeping pain) and to pay for my HPO Ipad apps...thus causing me to want to increase my credit limit...thanks to the heavenlies for looking out for me.

When I opened my bill, it was $342.86 with charges that stuck out like a sore thumb.  3 to Papa John's Pizza for $50 + each time--guess it's expensive pizza and also in North Carolina, 1 to WD Amtrak. 

So...I made the time-consuming phone calls to the fraud department and also found that an attempt was made to purchase a Jet Blue plane ticket for $758...thanks to the heavenlies that my credit limit would not allow it.

And to you Mr. Bad Person Robber Thief Credit Card Number Stealer...if you were not on this flight that had a flat after using someone else's credit card besides mine or YOURS....then you will be...or something very similar will happen to you....because if I know one thing I know this....

Karma...well...karma will catch you at every single corner and it's up to you if it's good or bad.

Boogers to you Mr. Bad Person Robber Thief Credit Card Number Stealer...boogers to you!  EAT IT!

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