Friday, July 8, 2011


Meet Mary

I am a Methodist and will never ever change that...but deep down inside I am a Catholic Wannabe.

I have filled my little chapel with a collection of Mother Mary along with lots of other comforting things.

Enough things to make any Baptist take a step back

I love the rituals of the Catholic church and they are very similar to those of the Methodist Church

I love the incense offered to raise our prayers to heaven....I love holding a rosary and praying for those that I love as if they were a bead in my hand, I love lighting candles to bring the power of a flame, I love taking communion, but I especially love the peaceful look on the face of Mary and the way she tenderly holds her child

64% of the world understands but a small portion, I think, misunderstand Mary

She is a mother

and as explained to me so beautifully...she is just like any other friend that you would ask to pray for you

but she has special favor...she is the mother of the Son of God

and Revelation says that our prayers are held by the saints in gold bowls before God

and since I am a mother I like the thought that God gives special favor to the prayers of a mother for her children.

Mary understands

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