Thursday, July 7, 2011


Man oh man...I sure feel sorry for the person who called me with the number ###.@@@.****....

because I butt dialed you about 4 times today.

1st of all, I don't text.  2nd of all, I don't text with my thumbs when I do text.  3rd of all, I am left handed which means while texting and driving which I would never do, I am at a sure fire disadvantage.  4th...if I am texting and driving I am not wearing my readers so I can barely see the screen...which all adds up to the reasons why I don't text....

Today was different.  I met Mattie to take her to lunch for her bday...she texts...and this is her main form of communication since she's supposed to be working and not texting. 

Only I don't really care about that because her summer internship is free except that it still costs us as if it was a semester of college...she can call/text her mother for lunch plans if she wants to...and cause me to text her back.

So..I am secretly shopping at Hobby Lobby and Pier 1 and while trying to carry my wallet, keys, packages, sunglasses, and phone...I realize for the 4th time I have accidently called the number that is at the top which is at the top because I keep dialing it.  With my thumbs.

I bet they think I'm a gosh dang nut.

Nope...just a very bad cell phone user.

I guess I should consider a purse.

Sorry ###.@@@.**** was just me.  If I knew who you were you would have a name and not a number and then I could apologzie.  

I so incredibly hope you are not my new senator's office.

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