Monday, July 4, 2011


On occasion while I am downloading my photos for the HPO, I am surprised (yet not) of the photos that pop up in my camera.  They make me laugh.  Usually...I laugh alot.  Because these photos are taken by my hubby who may have had a beer or two that might bring out his creative and/or sentimental side.  In these photos you can see a side to him that does not show while he is sitting behind his desk at FNB.

Our copper finials

July 4th him this Monday off

I had no idea this man's face was so hysterically funny

A view of the "G" he carved for our windowbox that he built.  I wish I could have seen him take this one because he had to have been crouched under it. 

He hates...and I mean HATES cats...but he must have thought these baby kitties who are just coming out from under the neighbor's porch are sort of sweet.

Our shady street just before the rare thunderstorm came through

The pot of lavendar on our porch

The storm is nearly here

This poor dove flew into our window and knocked itself silly...I saw him chasing this did make me laugh.  He asked me if I wanted it for supper.

I'm trying to hide the bird under a rock in case he's just loopy instead of broken..maybe he can fly later

The storm is just over head and you can barely see the buzzards circling the sky

Our neighbor's pine tree.  I bet he wishes he could climb it and sit on that big limb and spy on people.

and probably one of the favorite photos he has ever secretly taken of me...I am not caught looking fat, chubby, old and wrinkly...I am looking out my window watching the storm and thinking just how lucky I am that I have this window to look out of and it reminds me of how I will look when I don't live here in this body anymore.

I won't ever really leave this house...I will always be looking out this window...

And he always loves to take pictures of what he's cooking...I'm going to make him a guest chef on the HPO Not Enough Salt Column


LKB said...

Okay so those Kabobs are already ready all you need is words to put this in for this Friday's Not Enough Salt. Please, please pretty please!

Elizabeth said...

Love and miss you dearly - and Daddy B. I am pining away for Spearman from my little Island town!