Friday, May 11, 2012


All descendants share the same Roll number

Turner Brashears Turnbull  1814-1877
married Jerico Perkins 1820-1893
Came to Mississippi Territory during the Trail of Tears

Mary Ann (Turnbull) Benton 1856-1917 
married Henry Benton 1847-1888
Charles Henry Benton's Father was Wakatombi
and his mother was Shakapahoma

Theadore Henry Benton  1880-1967
Traveled the Trail of Tears as a small boy
Full Blood Choctaw #10829
The last time I saw him he had long braids

He married Phoebe Onie Fitzer

She is Indian but not registered.  Back then it was considered embarrassing 
for some reason she did not get her CDIB--Certificate Degree of Indian Blood. 
 My uncle Gene is currently trying to prove her descent so that it will make our degree more.
Isn't it funny how time changes some we are fighting to prove it
My mother told me her grandfather would put powder on his face before going to town
 to appear more white
His nickname was Toad
He is my great grandfather
We are the Turtle Clan

Charles Wesley Benton 1911-1982
Born in Bokchita Oklahoma Territory and raised at the Indian Boys School
they took him from his family and moved him there because he was Indian
His nickname was Chief
He is my grandfather
Our son is Charles and was married this January with his ring

Charlene Benton Dodson 1934-
Many Feathers
Appointed by Gov. Bill Clement to serve on the Texas Bureau of Indian Affairs
My mother, my beautiful Indian Mother

Gina Leigh Gillispie 1957-
 Red Bird 
name given to me by my Uncle Gene, the eldest in the clan

Grace Maria Calvert 
I think--Yellow Feather
our daughter

Betty Beatrice Calvert 
I think---Little Yellow Bird
She is the last Indian in our tree
the blood line runs dry

Before my mother
After my mother

Life goes on and on and on 
but somewhere in the middle of it all
it starts with you
YOU are the girl, the daughter, the child, the mother, the grandmother and great grandmother
and then you are gone
but somewhere along the way

you are the one
YOU are the LINE


Anonymous said...

For me, this will be the first Mother's Day without my mother, as she passed away last summer.

Thank you for sharing your family's story with us. It resonates with love.


Verdigris Vie said...

So glad I finally made it over to your blog Love that you have this with pics. I am not sure how far back we can trace our line,not very far.. but you are so right - at some point you are the line

Have a Happy Mother's Day.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Happy Mothers day...

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Gina:
What a fascinating post and what remarkable old photographs.

Geneva said...

You have a wonderful heritage and I loved reading this post. I especially liked your last couple of lines... a great perspective.
Happy Mother's Day!

Kelly said...

I absolutely Loved this post. Thank you for sharing!
Thanks for reminding us we are the LINE.