Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Before we purchased 822 we had been on a trip to Peru

We loved the colors, the spirituality and the countryside filled with unforgettable images
I was so persuaded by it all
I had no idea this tiny chapel would be recreated at 822

The original entry to 822 was only a tiny vestibule and we knew right away that we wanted a grand entry.
So we closed up the door with a stain glass window and created a tiny reading nook perfect for one person to sit within it and 
This is what it looks like when you enter from the music room

As you can see from the first photo, that tiny chapel in a small village became my inspiration for both aged color and vivid expression
The people of Peru spare nothing when it comes to glory

I am not a Catholic and I am not an idolater 
but I do love the things that fill this little space
Saints, Mary, crosses, candles, books and such

It is full of very special gifts and things I have collected in our travels

Always an animal print

B made me this red cross out of things we bought on a trip to Taos
The candle vessel was a gift from him and that tiny beaded purse we found behind a counter when we bought the building we made into Zulu Art Gallery

I always have a prayer candle lit

I think Mary is the most beautiful woman I  know

This French bombe' chest came from my sister's store many years ago
I have painted it several times.  It has a harlequin pattern on top. And there is that poinsettia that has lingered for nearly two years now.  Perfect light for it. The chandelier was rescued from a house in Idaho.  Chad knew I would like it so he saved it for me.  It just has candles in it now.

I keep my books just in front of my chair for easy reach. 
 I am reading Average Joe, a study book on Hebrews and of course my Bible

B carved this monk for me.  When he gave it to me he put a flower in the tray.  Today it is holding a crystal I found under a bush at 822

This little window is so much fun to look out.  I especially love to see the heavily snow covered trees

I painted the walls and then washed them in white paint

I love Saints..there is one for every matter in life, my favorite is the Bee Saint

Just outside I see my old cracked pot.  My bff brought me this rosary from Mexico
I love her

Day of the Dead is very alive in New Mexico

That beaded purse just blows me away

My sister gave me this angel made from an old wood fence

One of my art students made a collage with this necklace that she left at Zulu.  She was 19 when she was diagnosed with cancer.  When I learned of it, I removed the cross and hid it away.

She died a year later and I love to think her precious soul visits my chapel
Her grandmother is a dear friend to me

Mary in the garden

This little chandy is from Lowes and the medallion too
I painted the medallion and brushed it with gold.   I painted the ceiling with clouds.

I have these photos on a silver tray..they are our sweet children

The flame burns bright and while I realize some might find it strange to have a chapel in one's home
I don't find it strange at all
I have been a religious person but in my old age I think I've just become spiritual
religion is on the outside
spirituality is on the inside

The depths of one's self is very personal but in my opinion not private
God does not want us to be private about the gifts He has given us
We all have them, they are all different and we are meant to use them to bless others

My chapel is for anyone who visits 822
I love to think that someday my grandchildren and beyond will remember the peace they felt while there


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Gina:
Of course, everything about this post appeals to us enormously. How wonderful to have this small, private chapel within your house which, as you describe and show here, is full of very special memories and items, each of which has a particular association with a place or a person. And we love the way it is so very personal, even down to the wall decorations. In a world which is increasingly materialistic, it is good to have a moment and place to reflect on all that is spiritual.

In the days when we lived for most of our time in England we had the idea to build a private chapel in our garden. Sadly, it never got beyond the foundations, which were laid, as what we wanted proved to be too expensive at the time.

It's All Connected said...

You could spend days in that room and never see everything! Snow covered trees, in that lovely round window must be perfect for reflecting on life! ~ Maureen

Stacy Curran said...

This is amazing. I Love this post, especially the sentiment behind it!

DeNise Koetting said...

I love this! I have a "be still and know that I am God" room in my house. It is not nearly as artistic - although that may change in the near future. It is where I can go and be quiet. I have many devotional books and inspirational books -- and of course, Bibles. Filled with candles and even a little fire place. Soft, insrumental spiritual music plays always . . . Yes, spirituality is within - religiosity is definitely outward. I choose inward!

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

This is stunning!!! When you first said that you had a chapel in your house, I must admit I was a bit worried. But this is so much more than just an altar stuck in some corner. This is a piece of heaven right where and when you need it. I can imagine sitting there "speaking" with God and feeling an immense peace fall over me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place.