Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This is the space that I am 
searching searching searching for 
just the right thing

there have been several things here
and then I decided that I wanted something 
so I did a number on these cheap frames and planned for a holiday (Memorial Day) for
hubby to paint me some pastoral scenes..
he needs a holiday because he paints much better after some wine

nope...not working

so I got the bright idea that I would turn 
into this
making them look like Charles and Jena

and THEN I got the bright idea I would just paint 
(at her shower)

This huge canvas came from an old building and the very first night we stayed at the
Bishop Cottage B&B
(we had to be our own first guests you know..to make sure everything was perfect)
We divided it in half
took the primary colors
and I painted hubby and he painted me

You can see here a pencil, a calculator, the Eiffel Tower, prime numbers
for sure a cork or two!

B's version of me...not sure if I should be flattered or not....
this hung in the Bishop until we created Zulu Art Gallery
I had to paint clothes on "me"
to cover up that one perky boob 
because my little art students were way too interested in the nude version
and I also spent alot of time explaining why I had no arms

these are my colors...we bought it in Paris along the Seine
and it hangs on the opposite wall

I might also add...I have no paints (at my sister's house in Dallas) 
which means a trip at least 45 miles away 
to get little artist paints...hmmm...
how about all that wall paint wasting away in the garage
green, white, coral, gold
yes I can make that work David Bromstad style

so I spend a good hour getting prepared
and I could not do it
too precious and full of sweet memories to paint over
I was surprised to discover it meant so much to me

so...I skulked around the basement and came across this 
water color from a very famous area artist
it was in an auction in Beaver Oklahoma
and we paid $15 dollars for it
I had it framed true to the 1960's style which is why it's been in the basement

I may not leave it...it's not exactly what I want here
but by now
I have totally lost my 
mojo to create this space
so I think I'll 
buy a canvas to paint Jena next time I go to Amarillo
hang the dual portrait in my studio upstairs when it gets built
and go watch Eddy work


LKB said...

Silly me - I thought that WAS your arm! LOL Seriously, can I come play at your house? I wouldn't eat much and would clean up after myself. You might even talk me into helping with something....not that you need it.

Jelisaveta Đukanović said...

Beautiful! :)


LKB said...

Now that I look closer I really like the "tree" canvas A LOT. But I see it in a big over sized chunky frame with no mat - just the trees. Maybe because they remind me of the grove of trees in front of my grandmother's house where I played in the summer. Dressed up in old beaded dresses and picture book hats with clunky high heel shoes and waited for my "white knight" to come down the road on his big old John Deere tractor.