Sunday, May 27, 2012


In addition to rarely losing my cool,
when I do get mad I back off pretty quickly
except that thing that happened 28 years ago and oh yeah that one thing that happened about 6 years ago
that I'm currently forgetting

So yesterday I was all prepared to go 
"have a word" with mr. frame man 
if and when he showed up

I happened to be gone to my daily workout when he did
and then by the time... blah blah blah


I lost my muster

and I am so glad I did because
when I got back from having lunch with hubby, all was quiet and I assumed they had left for lunch
so I was going to go snoop to see what all had been done

when I turned the corner
there they all were
having a picnic in my backyard

They were just normal guys (with ponytails)
one was sitting on a stack of lumber eating a baloney sandwich
two had moved our jalopy picnic table under a tree
(the one we plan to renovate this weekend--the one with the beehive on it when we bought 822)

one was sitting on another pile of lumber reading what looked like a history book heart just went soft

you know...stuff happens
rain delays, water pumps, sick kids, phone service cutoff...just stuff -just life
I may not be the kind of person who leaves one hanging, but I do have my own faults
one of them is being chatty

I think at lunch today I will go sit at that picnic table with them, offer them some sweet tea
and tell them all about the huge old beehive that was living on it when we bought 822
and that after the holiday weekend and the next time they see it
it will be cedar and carrara marble leftover from other projects
and they can sit there in the shade and listen to the doves coo
and eat BBQ chips and
frame my house


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning!!!! I see you are having more FUN THINGS done to your home! Oh how we both share similar houses and projects! We were very lucky to have great builders that got the job finished during the freezing cold month of January with knee-deep snow! And this summer we are waiting for our builder to get back to us with final numbers for a covered deck off of our new French doors! But you did what I think I would have done; I would have thought, "WHAT????WHAT ARE THEY DOING????" Then, I too would have stopped to realize that they need a break as well and that there is room for us all to stop and sit in the shade and listen to the birds....

THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to visit me! Enjoy this wonderful weekend and new project!! Anita

Heather said...

There was a landscaper once who was doing some work in the backyard of a previous house. He would arrive around 10 and work till 3. At that time I ran a business out of my home and was hard at it by 8 am each morning and finishing well after he left. I was fuming mad the whole 2 weeks it took to finish the patio. But he was the nicest guy who always worked so hard WHEN he was there. Plus he was 6'4", handsome, built and shirtless most of the time - so that definitely made up for it -lol.

Geneva said...

I love LIFE stories...this was great! Loved Every Word!

stefanie said...

looking good!

laurie said...

ooo, that look like its going to be nice! wow, would have loved to see the bee hive, wow!
I want to thankyou for visiting me today and for your kind words, that was so sweet of you, I love the way you write,

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Normal guys...with ponytails. Had me in stitches. You are priceless!