Thursday, May 17, 2012


Spring is a breezy blossomy season and it comes in 2nd as my favorite behind October.

Our temperatures are mild and the sun is warm with cool breezes

My top 5 favorite sounds in May

You just can't beat a good thunderstorm rolling across the plains

822 is just around the corner of the Gus Birdwell Elementary
something about the end of school nearing--I love to hear the children at play at recess

at my house


The song of a cardinal near my house
we don't have that many

The melody 
lawn mowers
and that
chch chch chch of a sprinkler on my yard

and as I was browsing my photos, I came across
Lola and Mr. Sweety Pie
I hope they are happy living in the country now
they would really like 822


stefanie said...

oh, that first picture is a little scary!!!!

It's All Connected said...

I'd have to say I love all those sounds, too. I'm so envious of your construction progress. Best of all, I love the sound of hammers ringing on a project I've dreamt of doing! ~ Maureen

vicki archer said...

I love the idea of these sounds as a symbol of the month... xv


Wonderful approaching my dear!!I love the melody of the windchimes!!Lovely May!!xx

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Yes, love summer and all of it's sounds, sights and scents :-)
But, my poor doggie, Mocha, is terrified of thunder storms. Really really, terrified....poor sweet girl. Thanks for your visit. I've just added you to my blog list. Have a great weekend! Loi

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Add to that the ducks that visit our yard and we have the same list!

Geneva said...

All the sounds I enjoy ... this post made me smile from ear to ear. ":o)

helen tilston said...

I love it all with the exception of thunderstorms (I am terrified of thunder).

Hope your weekend is special

Helen xx

Cheryl said...

We seldom hear thunder where we live in Colorado. So seldom, that I downloaded the sound of a thunderstorm on my iPod. Now that's desperate.

I bet we pass near where you live on our way to Dallas, don't we? Really enjoy your postings, what an interesting endeavor you have going.

Maria Elena said...

Oh, yes, I love all those sounds also and we have been having lots of the thunder ones! LOL Very unusual for our area.Have a great weekend!

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

I'm surprised you get any peace with all that chirping, thundering, banging, chch chch chch, bell ringing and giggling...... ;)Only kidding!