Monday, May 7, 2012


Please let me introduce you to 
Elizabeth Charlene Benton Elsey Bulls Dodson
Many Feathers

beautiful, smart, talented, busy and mother of 5
my mother 

She is 3/4 Choctaw Indian
Dawes Roll #10829

One of my favorite sayings
"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"
This is about the time my dad told me I could no longer call her 

She is an inventor, she owns a patent, she is nearing 80 years old and
is still one of the most beautiful women I know.

This is an email I got from her this morning

I thought you might find this interesting.  They just returned my buckskin dress this afternoon.  A huge 18-wheeler truck pulled up in front of my house. They had called earlier and said they would be here with my delivery either Saturday or Sunday.  It was a trucking company from Long Island, NY.  He said they returned my dress and some other Native American items in Santa Fe. 

There were two drivers and one of them said, "Do you mind if I shake your hand?  I would like to tell everyone back home that I shook hands with a famous artist."   LOL!!  Anyway, I couldn't believe how well packed it was.  Everything came back in perfect condition.  I am very pleased to have it back.  I think I had told you earlier it was on loan to the Embassy in Cotonou, Benin.

Gina, I think it is "PTL"....I had no idea when I would get it back.  And, would you believe, just in time for the parade in Spearman, with the 4 generations of Choctaw Women.

Love, Mother

Our Heritage Days Parade is May 19 and daughter Grace is Chamber President this year
The Parade theme is HERITAGE
so we got the bright idea that we would walk the parade route

Many Feathers, Little Red Bird, Yellow Feather and

 Betty...yet to receive her Choctaw name

I remember a conversation I had with my mother many many years ago in which I told her I would never be able to live if something happened to her and she was no longer around.
She told me, "by that time you will have children of your own and you won't miss me that bad"
In a way, she was right...I do understand what she meant because my own children tugged 
my heart and soul forward into a direction away from her
as will Grace leave me for Betty...

so...this is what I tell my children often

You are not mine
but I am yours

Mothers are a blessing and I will be counting mine this week


Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Dear Gina,
I am fairly new to your blog :-)
Wanted to let you know I really enjoyed this post. Your mom sounds incredibly interesting, wise and strong. Thank you for sharing this! Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend ahead!
Cheers from DC,
Tone on Tone

Tatiana Doria said...

Wow, such a moving post!
Your mom looks great and sound like a wonderfull person and full of life!

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

What a lovely post

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Sorry I cut myself off!! I was going to say your mother sounds like a wonderful woman. You must have inherited your artistic talent from her!


It's All Connected said...

You have such a wonderful heritage to be proud of with a mother like that! How great that she retains her zest for life at her age. Is Betty not one of the most adorable kiddies ever in her dress? ~ Maureen


Wonderful post and thank you for sharing such interesting things about your mother's people. She was and is a beautiful woman. The little one is too adorable for words! Thanks for sharing.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Wonderful and emotional post. I got tears in my eyes. Your mom in her dress looks beautiful..You are so blessed to have such a special relationship with your Mom.

Heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

This is beautiful! Such a heartwarming story about a wonderful person in your life. Love the detail on the dresses - Have a Happy Mother's Week! (we deserve more than just a day)

designchic said...

What a wonderful tribute to such a special mother...adore the images...such a beautiful lady!

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

I loved your post about your BEAUTIFUL mother. I'm part Cherokee, but since my family is from Oklahoma, that seems to be pretty typical. Love your mother's dress. I know my great Aunt Belle was married to an Indian chief and had an Indian number. I was curious why you could no longer call your mom "Mother"? Does that mean they separated?