Thursday, May 24, 2012


It's been a very long time since I have 

lost my temper

I'm usually a pretty easy going patient person and when I do get feisty
I tend to take it out on hubs, poor guy listening to my whining

but yesterday I fired off a pretty pointed email to contractor
to which I'm sure his reaction was
woo...I'm really scared

You see...I realize we live in TimBukTu
but that is just no excuse for all the excuses

frame man has been on board since March and we have been making ready for him
We have had this quote from frame man for 
"I will be there this week"

Monday, contractor said
"he'll be here today"
Wednesday he said 
"he'll be here at noon"
Wednesday at 5 I fired framer in a surly text to contractor

Thank goodness hubs is much more rational and cool headed
he talked me down from the ledge

It's called the "who else are we going to hire ledge"

So here I sit, in front of my computer, Thursday morning, pretending I am 
NOT looking out my window waiting to introduce myself to framer

I am so glad I have a smudge stick
if he's like most framers he will be delighted
when I smudge him with what looks like a very large 

It's just a smudge stick that we native Americans use to ward off
the bad mojo
but he might (MIGHT) be thinking
dang...why did I wait so long to get here!



stefanie said...

believe!!! me,,,i know exactly what you are going thru...good luck!

LKB said...

I will send hubs to you at no charge just to get him out of the house. He doesn't work quickly but he does show up. He is quite a good carpenter too.

LKB said...

Oh and by the danged way - send me some of that smudge - I need all the bad mojo warding off I can get my hands on.

grace said...

keep calm and carry on! Such a fab motto and always helps in moments of stress! Thank you for popping by my little blog xx

Cheryl said...

It's beyond me how so many in the building trades are as you describe. How difficult is it to give someone a quick call if they're delayed or on another job? I once learned that some children of alcoholics have this characteristic: "They will lie when it's just as easy to tell the truth." Could this be the case? Ranting? Yes I am. I'm sorry! I lost control there for a minute.