Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Meet "HOIBIE"...as they called him
Evidently he impressed my mother

You better enjoy this photo op brother...you are about to get the HP treatment

Line up...let me cut your red bangs with  my dress shears and get you some GLASSES!

You think cry...just wait until you see what's about to go down in your annual(s) for all time
You're about to have some glasses and a fall...yes...as in a long blonde hairpiece with a wide headband...
to go with your B.A.N.G.S.!

Hey wait a minute...why do his bangs get to be longer and his glasses clearer? 
Hmmm..squeaky wheel gets the grease!
N.O.T. F.A.I.R.

and folks...I do have one more brother but I cannot for the life of me find a photo of him with glasses
I think he must have missed out....but here he is in all his young 20/20 sweetness 

maybe he just got the crooked teeth

anyway...as you can see we are a fine bunch of lookers who most certainly were not the product of a stage mom or anything remotely related to such.  I think this is why we grew up to all be so successful (and cute) because we had not one iota of a concept of climbing a ladder of any kind...we just lived safe and sound and protected in Nerdville until we blossomed and flew the nest!

Here we are years later...and just for the record I used an old photo because I wanted to make sure my brother(s) who I adore...had bangs hair.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I would really shock some people if I showed my childhood photos!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR visiting today! I WILL PUT YOU ON MY PARIS LINK LIST! More info to come, but MERCI BEAUCOUP for participating!!! Anita

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

That fourth picture is a ferocious bang. I was sent as a child to a scary barber who referred to all childrens haircuts as 'The Usual'! We used to call it 'The Unusual' behind his back.


I wish my bangs were that straight....mine would look like a chia pet gone wrong....

LKB said...

Were those the tape across the hair and cut at the bottom of the tape bangs. Be glad your mom was just a "bangs" kind of gal. Mine believed in a new Tonette home permanent every fall before school. She usually got distracted and left it in my hair too long. My fine little bunny rabbit hair would literally chemically fuse together and then I looked like I'd stuck my finger in a light socket for months.