Saturday, May 12, 2012


My Granny Bea
Beatrice Elizabeth for whom many future children are named
She looks a little surrounded
can you say Thobi Ohoyo(white woman)?
She meant the world to me and I think about her kindness every single day of my life!
I miss her like crazy..she was my rock!

my sister who is married to my oldest brother
she's been in my life since I was 12 and his since he was 13
She tried to teach me and her aunt..(yes her aunt is 2 years younger than her) to smoke
I think she was trying to flirt with my brother
This is how she looks on the inside too!

My sister Tracy
she is younger than me and is one of the best mom's in
tarnation!  She mothers us all!
She's a knock out!

My sister married to my middle brother
I adore her...she is cool, fun and spunky and she has snackipoos 
at will
She is so gosh darn pretty and did I say I adore her?

our children
Charles who will make Jena a mother someday
Mattie Beatrice who will be a mother someday favorite young mother and my daily inspiration with her 
patience and incredible love
she is a hippy gypsy soul of my soul
they all are
I am their mother, but now we are friends

 Betty Beatrice who I'm sure will be the mother of all mothers
she kind of already is taking the place of Tracy

My baby brother Ross created two mothers but he's the best "boy" mother I know! 

I attended a wedding this January where the Father Priest told the bride this,

"your number one goal in your life is to see to it that your husband and children go to heaven"
I have thought a great deal about that statement and the huge responsibility we mothers have in the
molding, shaping and creating of those who are put in our arms straight from heaven


there are other mothers who may not have children born from their womb, but are just as instrumental in filling a jar of clay with life giving water

It is a holy place
 this heart that loves a child
 and then children and more children and 
on an on 
goes the potter's wheel



A beautiful post of the wonderful mothers in your life! I don't blame you to adore them, they simply look like they can be loved easily. Lovely ladies starting from your dear mother. Your children are so beautiful too and the cute little grand. I loved what the Father said to the young bride such wise thing!! I will remember to tell my girls this quote.
Have a wonderful and blessed MOTHER'S DAY to all of you mothers.

It's All Connected said...

That's an amazing cast of women to have in your life! Happy Mother's Day! ~ Maureen

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Wow, I love the potter analogy, powerful stuff.

Burlap Luxe said...

Beautiful Post, thank you for sharing :)

Thank you dear friend for taking the time to visit and leaving a comment on my Target find :)

Its always a joy to share and more a joy when you visit.

Happy Mothers Day to you.

Tutti Chic said...

what a beautiful post-happy mothers day! you certainly have a wonderful bunch of women in your lofe-:) chris


Oh God ..!!The mothers of your life!!So clever and so sweet..!In fact we have a lot of mothers in our lives..!!Impressed!!And thank you my dear for you lovely comments!!They mean a lot to me!!