Sunday, May 6, 2012

FORE! in the past couple of days we've been finding these random and brand new golf balls in our yard.

We knew that some one, probably a kid, was hitting practice shots and we just never knew where they were coming from.  Our town is very small, so we knew we'd know who it was if we could ever figure out the direction they were coming from.

At first I considered it could be neighbor Dub...he likes to golf, but one of the times a ball was in our yard he was at church, so Dub got ruled out.

Now...I don't really care if people want to practice their chipping...except that ball size hail in our area can do some major damage..break windows, total your car, get you a new roof...and such...

and I have put in two pretty expensive windows at 822 so I was kind of wanting to know who to send the bill to if we had to get new ones.

Last evening we were sitting on the front porch, me, bo peep and baby bo peep and B was standing by the tree and we hear this chunk, ker-chunk, bam!

Bo peep saw came over the trees, hit the street and bounced off B's car into our grass...not that far from the precious head of Miss Betty.

So B GETS IN HIS CAR (aka Mr. Wilson style) and drives in the direction of where it came (this really is a very small town).  A few streets over he sees a  "nameless" young man, swinging a club in his front yard.  Can you imagine his fright when "to the point B" gets out of his car, golf ball in hand and says to him..."Are you hitting golf balls?"

Nameless Young Man:  "no sir..I'm just practicing my swing"
B: "well this golf ball just landed in my yard and it came from your direction"
Nameless Young Man: "I swear, sir, I have not been hitting balls, just practicing my swing"

It is a bit coincidental that he would be swinging a club and we would have a golf ball land in our yard, but there is no proof whatsoever that the ball did come from him.  But just in case it did, I don't think he'll  aim in our direction again.

I find the whole thing pretty humorous and I'm glad the mystery is solved and resolved, but I have to tell you..

I'm pretty gosh darn impressed that his shot could be so consistent.  He was hitting over trees, across a few blocks and dropping his ball with some accuracy--in our front yard.

I think Nameless Young Man needs a ride to the golf course.


helen tilston said...

That is quite funny. I know I should not be laughing as it could have had grave consequences.

Clever sleuthing.

Thanks for visits and comments.
Helen zz

It's All Connected said...

You may have discovered the next Tiger Woods! ~ Maureen