Thursday, May 3, 2012


In a prior post I wrote that we changed the small existing entry
This gable was originally a dining room window.  We bumped it out, replaced the window with doors, added the wedding cake porch and moved the sidewalk...oh yes...and the stairs.
At first I was not up for this huge task, but hubby finally talked me into it and I must say
I am glad
I realized the existing entry was too small, but I just could hardly stand the demolition it would involve

ahh....that seems like a very very long time ago

The difference was really worth it all

Come in please

We moved the stairs and opened up the ceiling to expose a huge space
put in heavy mold, added marble floors cut on the diagonal embedded with smaller diamond trim in a contrasting color
The chandeliers were purchased on ebay and I added the Chinese planters a few weeks ago
Another thing we don't agree on...
I really really want an Ikat stair carpet...
but I am willing to wait to purchase it from some far off land
...yeah, that'll be a while!

The walls are curved so there was no ending spot for wallpaper or fabric
so I just painted the walls myself
I am loving the blue and white porcelain and there is just no place around here to purchase it
so...I painted a vase.  I wasn't crazy about how it just "stuck out" so I put these two lanterns in front of it
Prayer candles are my all time favorite
They are inexpensive, long-lasting and safe

Mirrors are always a good answer

I knew I had hit the mark when my bff told me she thought this little tree was a shadow of the palm on the wall...subtle...just what I was going for
Subtle is hard for me

here's my trick...if I don't have time to "freehand" stuff I will use a stencil and then soften the edges freehand and "wash it out" is free hand, but about 400 x faster...I slipped in a few little blue birds here and there--
birds are hard, bird's beaks are I use this trick often with birds and dragon flies..not everything comes in stencil...but when it does...use a stencil and then "freehand" around it

I added some fabric shades to the matching sconces

Chad just finished this re-do last night.  We moved the posts about 5 inches and added the iron railing to match the door.  We took off the acorn with that for a while.  I don't really like the color of the stairs, but again...I'm hoping for a  carpet runner.  We still have to trim the bottom step, it's in the process of being made

The mural is very soft...I used mostly water

A live green plant makes everything look good

Looking's hard to believe this was a dining room
it did need to be changed for sure!

The chandy is my favorite thing besides 
the doors
the floors
the mirrors

and all the folks that walk in and out
I wish it could be you


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Gina:
Well, we too wish that we were about to walk through your door!

What a transformation you have made to this area. The care you have given to the choice of materials and the attention to detail throughout is very evident. We are sure that you both feel very proud of your efforts and you certainly deserve to be.

The whole space now works very successfully and offers a really splendid welcome to your home!

chateau chic said...

Wow, what a gorgeous entry! Absolutely beautiful. Wish I could come by.
Mary Alice

Geneva said...

Oh my goodness! You and your husband have done a wonderful job. I hardly know where to start ... it is all so wonderful! I LOVE your're so talented, and have made me want to try something in my little house.
Enjoy your new's beautiful!

Olga said...

Wow! Thank you so much for this photo tour of your gorgeous home! What a beautiful entry. And the hall with the chandelier! So beautiful!

Sarah said...

Your hand-painted walls are lovely. The perfect look for this space.

By Nela said...

Me encanta esta casa!!!!
Un saludo muy cariñoso.


All The Pretty Dishes said...

Your home looks beautiful, I love the changes you made. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment.

Maureen at The Inglenook Decor said...

oh yes, I wish it could be me too! Someday...yes, fabulous choice & I adore the mural, nice touch!

Estilo Hedónico said...



LA VIE EN ROSE said...

LOVE your chandelier and your mural really personalises the space. Your hallway is lovely and spacious and so very welcoming - just lovely!