Monday, April 30, 2012


Men are complicated.  And quite frankly one is enough, but my life is rifled filled with men who absoltuely keep me on a roller coaster of highs and lows.  Let me introduce you to the men who rock my world.

 Complicated as they are, without them, my life would be mundane....really...

At the risk of playing favorites, I will introduce to you my snips and snails and puppy-dog tails alphabetically

ARCHIE:  cement conractor, old friend, tall and skinny.  My foundation... literally...and responsible for making my dream of a curvy sidewalk come true!

B: can you say hubby best friend? Favorite.  He used to my my lover, but these days we are both too tired and sore and fall into bed at night just after dusk and/or Wheel of Fortune.  We share: an aspirin bottle, some tools and a huge vision of our old rock house.  Not to worry, our hands romantically touch as we vie for the remote during insomniatic Law and Order/Property Virgin episodes at 3 am.

CHAD: excontractor extraordinaire only because he got a real job.  He used to drive me crazy but now I do what I like to call "kiss his butt" to get on the list of his increcible talent that 822 so needs.  Not just anyone gets to be on his list since he makes great money in the oilfield and only does this kind of work as a hobby.  This lucky list is short but determined!

CHARLES: #1 son.  He sends me photos of his mimosas, his breakfast, his cucumbers, his roses and  Mission Control Center with the text...Houston, there is not a problem.  He HeyTells me his cardinals singing in his yard.  He has been rocking my world since 1984! And I adore him!

CHARLES:  contractor, Mayor Pro Tem, Citizen of the Year.  Love/HateNot Love
I am always somewhere in between the emotion of warm and fuzzy to pinching his head off between my thumb and forefinger.  I will enjoy what he brings to my life for a very very long time! This photo clearly shows the feelings are mutual.  Love ya Charles!  Where are you?

CHARLES: golf buddy and bff's hubby who had the audacity to die young and leave us all in a state of shock that may never go about a bad rocking of the world...not over it yet!

COACH BEEN:  the man who is responsible for making baby bo peep the happiest little lady in the world..these days he's pretty far up there on my FAV list

EDDY:  See Kyle.  Kyle may have the license but Eddy has the black his pocket... along with my heart...he's some kind of cool leaning on my door jam like that

FRANK: carpet man turned felon.. gone to prison for drug dealing.  Why Frank WHY????  You were the best there was and I have at least 2000 more square feet of flooring..could you not have waited until after that to score in the Lowe's parking lot and go down to the low?  

JUSTIN: Peep's ex husband Betty Baby Daddy
JUSTIN: Peep's ex boss helping keep Austin weird
JUSTIN: Peep's co land man baby daddy of #4 by Friday (Catholic)..
(now that's complicated).  They only rock my world vicariously btw

KYLE: Younger than me in school---I never dreamed he would rewire my house someday.  Please see Love/Not Love reference to #2 Charles as I am still lighting my imported Italian stove with a match.....something about a ground wire.  I'd like to give him a wedgie or something immature like that.

TOBE:  In the game of landscaping and Hungry Cowyboy char-burgers...he is the best there is and 
worth the wait!

These men are professional bankers, contractors, city councilmen, land men, licensed professionals, criminals and even a mayor/hubby thrown in.  There have been more in the past and I'm sure more in the future...and I do kind of like that unpredictable thing that's happening each day.

(You can look forward to Steve the plumber in the very near future.  He's my across the street neighbor so there's no hiding from me when it's drain time.)

Yep...I think about them every day and when my knees hit the floor, they are in my prayers...and speaking of prayers and rocking my



Stacy Curran said...

What a great post...not all happy (the drug dealing!), but very interesting to see more of the real you!

It's All Connected said...

That's a lot of men around you! You know you have to have a love/hate relationship with the contractors. I makes life interesting, for sure! ~ Maureen

for the love of a house said...

I'm seeing a theme here and I like it.... all handsome men who are "handy"!!!! Nothing like a handy man in your life and you, my dear, are blessed!! Frank, Frank, Frank... what was he thinking?! Perhaps you appealing to his parole board in hopes of finding a sympathetic renovator's ear might just get him out;););)
I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend's husband... I loved that you included him in your list of the men in your life!
I must say I love seeing "Dumas, Texas" in your live feed roll. Can not count the number of times we drove through Dumas getting out of Texas! My late father used to play baseball and would tell the story of some famous bb player from Dumas, called.... "Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas"!! I've grown up saying that phrase and Dan and Ella are both "very" familiar with it!!! :)
hug and kiss Texas for me, but please keep the heat;) 103??? ohmyhead!!

PURA VIDA said...

Love your comments, they mean so much! Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas is a real man! I bet he was handy too! Love to all from our neck of the woods that just got the "hail" beat out of them last night!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HE IS YOUR ROCK TOO?????????????

THE MAN OF MEN...don't you just love the men in our lives? I adore them and what they do for us from making us LAUGH, CRY and the work they do for us. Beautiful post.

THANK YOU for your lovely words on my comment page. Truly kind and heartfelt my dear. Anita

LKB said...

Sooooo jealous - you have men who rock your world. I have men I'd like to throw rocks at.