Thursday, April 12, 2012


I graduated highschool with Tex.  He retired at an early age as an accountant for Atmos Energy.  He always was a brainiac.  He came back home to care for his mom after his dad was killed in a tragic auto accident that left his mother in need.

I really like and admire him.  I always have.

He has taken our old furniture store and filled it with booths that are full of the most interesting things.  I think his sister combs the garage and estate sales in Amarillo and you just never know what you might find. He has a Flea Market the 1st weekend of every month.

I have a booth..sort of a cheap way to store all my things I don't have room for in my garage and if they sell great..if they don't I will bring them to 822 later when I'm done with my reno.

This is what I bought last weekend...ha...I go in to pay for my booth and always come out with some great finds!  Something isn't quite right about what I just wrote?  How do I have room for it?
oh well...
Today it is raining and I hurt my neck trying to move an old heavy mirror purchase (not shown) off my ipad cord so I am piddling with purchases and my camera.  Some fun stuff...almost as fun as arranging my soap.

Do you spy the little copper jello mold?  I did polish it a bit.  Lots of the white dishes came from Tex Kopke's Flea Market.

I love to buy one-sie or two-sie dishes and glasses (Hint:  if you care if they're chipped use fingernail polish..yep it even comes in green, purple and turquoise these days and is better than a white chip)

Ok..I'm going to pretend I'm Delores at

she creates the most amazing table-scapes that leave me so inspired.  I know one thing I'm missing
my iron

I bought these really pretty plates..just two of them and put with things I already sweet and springy

I like blue and pink together and I really like pink and silver
(even my table cloths come back heavily starched...maybe I will buy an iron next month)

I have lots of bumble bee and garden stuff

the flatware has bees on's what I use everyday

but the main thing I was looking for when I went to Tex Kopke's Flea Market this time was this...

I have a little bride getting married this summer and she shall have a very fancy picnic basket

I love to make these whimsical gifts for new brides..
a basket
two dinner plates
two dessert plates
two wine glasses
vintage silver for two
table cloth and pretty as you can find
a bottle of fine wine with a corkscrew
and a sweet little vase to put in some wildflowers found on the picnic

To Bride
with love from


LKB said...

So pretty.....expect a little somethin' somethin' from me soon. I want to have something of me mixed among your treasures.

It's All Connected said...

What a lucky bride to have that romantic picnic basket! ~ Maureen

vicki archer said...

Fantastic finds there... I love your bridal ideas... such a thoughtful gift... Have a wonderful weekend... xv