Tuesday, April 17, 2012


When we moved the stairs at 822, we created a bit of a closet dilemma in Coach Been's room
I first thought this would be perfect for my Christmas tree.
Who wants a tree in their closet? 

I spent the weekend creating something mysterious behind this wedding veil lace curtain.
The door is odd and I still can't figure it out..this will work for now.  
One lavender wall with hand painted gold leaves and twidly doos

Just perfect for a tiny little dressing room for the new bride to apply her makeup on the big day

NOT...she is my tomboy
Track, golf, cross country, basketball, swimming and boyfriend shorts.  Her first day of school she wore a Lakers ensemble.  And she broke her arm.  I'm not kidding.

oh how precious..and she's about to marry a coach

these are her best friends and mine too!

My mother

a nude for the mood

I was appointed by Governor Bush to serve on a state committee.  While I would never hang this in my living room over my mantle, I am proud of it.  But really, I just like the gold frame and this little closet held all kinds of artwork that we just didn't don't have a place for yet.  I have another nude from a fairly well known artist that I might put between these two pieces of glass and store away this old memory.

 "The Director"
how appropriate for her, just ask Coach Been

I used some extra grass cloth and will have a glass cut for the space

The first thing Mattie Bride will do is 
clear the foofoo
but I can look at it and enjoy it for at least another....let's see...
75 days


heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Love what you've done here - bringing family pictures into this will make it even more special for Mattie on her big day. How perfect for your daughter on her wedding day. How lucky for you that she is dressing at your house. One day, one day, maybe I'll be mother of the bride too.

Sunray Gardens said...

Thanks for stopping by and I am following back. Very cool what you did with the closet. Could also be a small setup for the computer. :)

Cher Sunray Gardens

Stacy Curran said...

OMG this is the funniest post ever! I loved hearing about your daughter...I think mine is a little like her, but not so far as wearing a sports outfit to school.. so cute. And what an AMAZING space you have created!!

Leslie said...

How interesting that you were appointed by then governor Bush to work for the State Committee! Your family photos are wonderful and how sweet that you have created this space for your lovely daughter!

Enjoy your day!