Thursday, April 5, 2012


Meet my rose garden

My yard, (front, back and side) is so torn up and has been for so long I just HAVE to have a little corner to improve.  This is it!  These windows will be replaced.  It will have a center birdbath, a few pots of lavender, some statuary and as many roses and I can plunk in here.  Maybe by this is supposed to be in the mid-70's and by my own rule
I never plant until the barn swallows arrive which is almost always without fail
the third week of April
but I just might take the risk because I am about to go crazy

Around the corner is another project not quite so much fun as planting roses

You might not understand the frustration of living in a small rural
did you get RURAL
We are many (100) miles away from supplies.  We try to buy local and for the most part we really do a good job of that.  But there are no extraordinary light fixtures here, no wonderful faucets that you turn on by tapping your muddy wrist to it, no carpet...paint?  Behr. if we were ready for that!

In fact...we have been planning the reno of this efficiency apartment into master suite since 

Remember my "deadline trick"?

I tell the contractor...
"I have a wedding in June can you be done by then?"
He to me: "I think we can" is after...AFTER April 1 and
he has not even started.  We are waiting on concrete!  Let's begin with the foundation but
Hubs has almost taken apart the whole thing single hand-idly...something I highly doubt he intended to have enough time to do..poor blistered soul.

My oldest peep says "why in the world do you not get someone else?"
Me to her: "because he keeps telling me he's going to start next week and I believe him"

Guess the trick is on me!

But today...really today he is going to begin.  I think I even hear some commotion outside my window.  No's the trash truck.

The funny part about this is that contractor and demolisher (hubs) are on an official board together (so as a matter of fact is sprinkler installer)...yes when you are rural you are professional in more than three one category (hubs wears a suit most of the time) so you don't just "go get someone else"...folks don't like that..but you would think contractor would also want to please...

okay..I'm whining now...

enough of that...I'm getting roses today...and local means they might all be one variety!

I'm feeling pink roses will be very lovely.


LKB said...

Highly (please insert bold face all caps) recommend Knock Out Roses. Pest resistant, Disease resistant, drought tolerant. Hard to beat. Get doubles if you can - they are lovely. Oh and they bloom F O R E V E R.........

helen tilston said...

I love the plans you have for your garden and will look forward to seeing images once it starts growing.
Good luck with your contractor

Happy Easter


PS Thanks for your kind comments to my blog

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING!!!! Oh if you could only see the hard work we put into a small little nothing of a home and finally made it, after 15 years, an endearing cottage that has won some local city awards! PRESS ON! And thank you for coming to visit. HAPPY LIFE! Anita


I can feel your frustration!!! The rose garden might make you feel better!