Monday, April 16, 2012



It's worse than texting and driving this thing I do around this time of year
I am so ready for spring and planting season to be here for real that I find myself looking above as I drive down the streets...looking and finally seeing!

We plant flowers and veggies when nature tells us it's time
when the chives bloom

when the mesquite blooms

and when that cute little mosquito eating bird finally gets here in mid-April from its winter vacation down south

You just look up one day (today) and here they are...sitting on a wire scoping out the town


They say they go back to the same nest and raise more than one family
they are a messy poopy bunch
but this is how I lulled my children to doze off at nap time...watching them grow outside their window so quickly, that in a few short weeks they can barely fit inside the nest

A barn swallow nest is good luck
I hope I have one here this year!


It's All Connected said...

There is a bridge over the river I live on that always has the underside covered in barn swallow nests. I love to sit in the boat and look up a them! The water amplifies the sound of them cooing and it's the most relaxing thing ever! ~ Maureen

LKB said...

It is said "birds of a feather flock together" therefore we all flock to you to see what treasures you bring us.

Tatiana Doria said...

those birds hava a busy life!