Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A bit of progress on the yard portion of 822
The sprinkler system is finally going in on the front..rain last night so perhaps a delay today?  Maybe another two good days and then sod and a few rocks and trees!

This is our pool...and no...we did not use the contractor who bid us $87K.  That was kind of out of our price range since we are probably having to purchase new golf cart batteries soon.  But he is a good and talented friend..his time for 822 will come!

We plan to use the rock we've taken off the house during reno changes and use for the pool cove

It looks small and it really kind of is...I don't want to swim...I want to float with my peeps!

aaaahhhh...nice refreshingly cool blue water...you can't see that glass of Kim Crawford in my hand

This big old tree changed everything and almost made us not get to have a pool...

It's going to be 16 x 30 and had to become a kidney shape 12' away from that tree.  Not what we started out planning but a good compromise.  If all goes well...June 1 completion...just in time to push the Bride and Groom in from behind!

I asked hubby to go get his snorkel and get in the middle of the pool for a photo op

he laughed which means 

So...I photo shopped everyone in...hubs is the one in the hammock in the trees swaying lazily above the pool.  He's also the tiny one on the left jumping in from above.

He should have said "yes"

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HolleyGarden said...

Love that photoshop! Yes, I can imagine a pool there. You are going to love it! And yippee on the sprinkler system! So important here in Texas!