Thursday, April 19, 2012


takes a day to consider the opportunity to create a list about the things we find important enough in life to be included in a list.

My list is full of silly, predictable and serious matters.  Because of her writing, which you will find very moving indeed, I re-posted this one... Coup de gras #97.  It is a very special memory...

After spending his 39th birthday weekend taking me to check off my Life List #97…seeing Neil Diamond in concert, buying Betty an Audubon squirrel and hummingbird, and me a pair of khaki capris and a jar of Reflections Ocean Body Scrub…

"Brian, I have good news and bad news…which ya want first?"
"Bad," he replies.
"I was mistaken, Neil Diamond was not on my life list after all."
"What’s the good news?"
 "This is probably my one chance to replace #97…learning my prime numbers…
with something more suited to my style."

Well…Holly Holy!

Holly Holy…is the way he began his concert.
Our seats were just above the stage and far enough behind him to watch him interact with the fans that were front row- up close- personal-DE-VO-TED. We blended in with the crowd around us…some 70+, some young like Brian who didn’t have a clue who ND was, and more than likely got dragged there by some insistent person such as myself and BFF Denise.
 But somewhere during the concert, I began to realize what an incredible.INCREDIBLE, and I do mean INCREDIBLE…gift this man had been given and how at the age of 67, he was still sharing it.
"I am a man of faith…I am a man of God…I am a man of song…"
and it hit me…

We all have been filled with an incredible gift. We all have a stage that rotates. We all have a back up band. We all have an audience and our very own sphere of influence. We all have fans who walk 3 miles in 3-inch heels to see us. We all have those who go without supper to come listen to us instead.
We all have those who have paid a huge price to sit on our front row.

What do we do with our gift however humble it may be?
How do we use it to reach out to those reaching out to us?
Those who will benefit from our integrity. Our dance. Our song. Our life.
What music do we write each day of our lives that plays a message loud and clear to those who are placed in our path by God’s divine and perfect plan? What will those people walk away from our concert knowing for certain?

I may not be Neil Diamond and after his concert believe there are none like him…but I left being significantly touched by a simple man from Brooklyn, who has spent a lifetime giving others incredible joy, doing a thing that comes easy for him…

"…And I can, yes I can be a man of peace
Plant it like a tiny seed
It grows a little when you give
And gives you back when you're in need …"

And in mathematics I can mercifully retire #97…which btw…is a prime number!


heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Saw Neal Diamond years ago and he was amazing. Glad you got to cross something off your list.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I have some friends that are seeing him. I have never seen him in concert. Sounds like he is very entertaining.

denise8689 said...

Was a VERY fun time indeed. Thanks for the memories B&G.


I have always loved him.....especially after I saw a few interviews. BUT.......I am old so I can appreciate how cool he really is :)