Thursday, April 26, 2012


I purchased this little wooden table at an estate sale for $5.  It began as a plain old wood table with interesting legs
I was about to begin an experiment for a wall mural I was going to paint at a Mexican food restaurant in a neighboring town

I like harlequin...actually I love harlequin...sloppy not perfect

This is a lady at a market...kind of impressionism I suppose...
on the walls of the restaurant, I painted it more life-size with more fruit, veggies, flowers and baskets and even more people in the market.  Very colorful!

when we moved to 822, new furniture was not my priority
I wanted to take some time to see what I still liked before I replaced it
I kind of like all the greens in this table to go with my white walls, carpet and couch

this is my zen garden
when I get stressed from trying to think about what I want to do with all my furniture I don't know what to do with yet, I rake this sand....

and re-arrange these rocks.

It takes me miles away


It's All Connected said...

Oh, what I would give to have your artistic talent! Congratulations on your feature! ~ Maureen

Peg Meckling said...

Very nice piece. BTW, I was pleasantly surprised to find you have chosen the same background for your blog as I did. ;-) Glad I happened by (via the Vintage Farmhouse).

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Wow, what a great piece. Your very talented.

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

This is lovely. I didn't realize you were such an amazing artist. I've just started painting furniture and love it - but it's nothing wonderful like this!!!