Sunday, April 1, 2012


Love must be in the air.  

I had to cover the opening game of the Amarillo Venom invited my good sport hubby on a date.  We had such a great time.

Skulking through the rich part of town looking for inspiration yards
buying sidewalk paint at Lowes
pricing fountains at Petes
patio Mexican food
VIP arena football!

Get your fangs DOWN!

I think others I love had dates too:

Text to newly married couple son/daughter

Heytell to engaged peep:
"Hey thanks again for the gouchos,they were a hit at the game"

Text to single peep:
"Are you home?"

Text from sister:
"Tim (hub of 25 years) invited me on a date and we are intoxicated  at some steak house in the middle of nowhere:
me:  I love Tim...don't text and date, it's rude
her: He loves you too

I asked hubby what we would talk about if we were on a date
he said, "Your work"
we talked about

what kind of trees we were going to plant
where we would plant our vineyard in the back yard
what kind of coping would go around the pool
lavender or no?
him wearing someone else's pants to work
and what a good sport he was as he hung out in the pit while I took photos...
and that ghostly guy next to him?

He was moving so fast cheering on the team he came out in multiple frames

yep...nothing better than a date with a good sport!


helen tilston said...

Sounds like a fun night
Thanks for sharing

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Gina:
This all sounds to have been the most marvellous fun!