Saturday, April 21, 2012


Ok...I probably need to clarify for those who haven't known me all my life

Our son Charles married Jena January 15

Our daughter Mattie is marrying Coach Been June 30

You will find both girls in this photo
front row
Jena is 3rd Mattie is 5th

These four precious souls have known each other almost their entire lives
It's small town stuff.  Nothing more cool than all of the graduates in your class being able to sit on a stage and 95% of them chums from K-12, or your daughter having the same 4th grade math teacher as you did, or that your granddaughter will have the same classroom at the same school that her mother did AND her grandmother did...

I think God let's kids get born in towns they need to live in so they can marry the person He has picked for them.  If you have gone off and married someone you met far away from where you grew up then that is just as much a masterful plan.

Jena's shower was a few weeks ago hosted by my bffs

Mattie's shower was April 21 which just so happened to be her late Granddad's birthday
also hosted by my bffs

We live in a town where our children are showered and I mean SHOWERED with gifts, anything and everything they select.  Often times they are asked to come back a time or two to select more.  It's what we do here.  We shower, we honor, we love.
It's old fashioned
It's southern
It's tradition
It's precious
It's unforgettable
It's humbling

I'm telling you what..
there is a whole lot of love swirling around this town, this family
and this heart of mine

My cup runneth over


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Gina:
How lovely to experience such deep joy within your family, friends and community. It is the most precious of gifts!


How wonderful! This is how it is around here too, you described it perfectly! Yes, I'm from Astoria-Queens, NY and married my wonderful hubby, who lived here in Ecuador, (my parents are Ecuadorian too) and so I live here for 37 incredibly happy years. God had a plan and you are RIGHT! God is good! Congrats to your daughter's upcoming wedding in'll be a breath before she's actually getting married!

It's All Connected said...

What better way to start out than surrounded by family and community? That they have known each other all their lives means they understand the true character of their chosen mates. It really is wonderful! ~ Maureen

chateau chic said...

That's wonderful to live in a town where your children are known by all. Great extended family!
Mary Alice