Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I was thinking about my life list
 and how long it's been since I've even looked at, much less marked anything off of it.

So I was doing a recap

I got born
I got baptized
I rode my bike up and down Barkley Street because it had the neatest sidewalks and lots of shade
I got educated
I got married
I had 3 kids
I got divorced
I employed myself
I got married
I have been lucky enough to travel to lots of wonderful places
I had a precious granddaughter

which leads me to today

I don't think being a girl scout was on MY life list
but it did help me to always be prepared!

For the unexpected

I did not expect...or did I????

Our home was very nice, lots of room, to die for outdoor kitchen, beautiful established yard
Paid For
 Fun and far away vacations often

but for the last (almost) two years we have lived in
an old rock house and our discussions have turned to

Pier and beam
centered drains
sprinkler heads
"I'm not sure we can do that"
...you get the idea

our dollars have been spent on
plumbing, wiring, wood, cement and dirt

I have gone from a pretty easy life where I was marking off the life list
to falling in bed at night
jealous annoyed because the plumber was at someone else's house
so tired from raking dirt before the rain comes
and wishing wishing wishing for a new plate glass window and a Moen faucet

I doubt I ever get to go to China
and for sure not before the temples are under the Yangtze River..so why go at all?

but if I remember correctly on my life list..#110 is this

die happy and at peace and spread your ashes in a place you love

I have never been more tired and sore and blistered
but I have never been more in love and full of love than I am today
in this old rock house

with crooked walls and a good man
and a sprinkler system that is just about ready for some

and a redbud tree

oh yay!


By Nela said...

Un abrazo. Manoli

HolleyGarden said...

Love this post! There's a lot to be said for working all day, and falling asleep tired but happy.

designchic said...

OH the exhaustion of a day well spent. You've had a busy and wonderful life and aren't grandchildren the best?!

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Nothing like a day digging and building, which is exactly what my love and I did today. Never more in love with him or my old house. Lovely thoughts. Thanks.