Wednesday, April 25, 2012


#1Peep is a Landman
Yes that's right, a landman.  She has been one for about 7 years now and from what I understand, one of the best, most respected and well liked in the area. She is pretty cute if I don't say so myself...and that can't hurt.

What is a landman?  
In these parts where there is lots of oil and gas and old landowners with mineral rights and deeds and documents...she puts on a lot of miles to dig around the courthouses, going back to the late 1800's to find a paper trail of who owns what when.  

You have to have a good repore with the locals because you could come across as a snoop.

So, she moved back home and took a job as a "landman" of another sort.  She was able to get the job of a project developer here because of her experience in oil and gas.  One of her customers early on was a 90 year old codger that kept hanging up on her each time she called to discuss putting his land in the wind project.  When he finally met her, he said to her
"Are you the one I keep hanging up on?"
she said, "yessir"
Today...they go to lunch from time to time and chat about the wind

Last night we drove to Canyon to hear President Clinton speak.
He mentioned that Texas was the #1 state in the nation for developing and producing wind energy.

"It's free and it's green" he said...
and boy does that ever fit this hipster child of mine!

Our county has one of the largest wind fields in the state and she's the PD.  I am so gosh darn proud of that child that I can barely see straight. 
I'm not a huge Clinton last standing ovation was for her.

Below is a show of our area.  Right now Hansford County is only in the development stage.  Our towers are  a few years down the road..but this is our horizon.

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It's All Connected said...

It looks like you have every right to be proud of that lovely girl and the work she does so well! ~ Maureen